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Украина, Киев

Возраст: 26

Стаж: 5 лет

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Hello, everybody! My name is Kate. I live in Ukraine and I am a freelance translator of English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian languages with more than 4 years of professional translation experience. I am a native Russian and Ukrainian speaker. I have the sense of style in my native languages and offer translation that is not only accurate but easy, and pleasant to read as well.

Languages: - Russian and Ukrainian — native, English and Spanish — advanced

In 2008 I passed Busines English courses.

In 2009 I worked in the USA as a camp counselor in Massachusetts.

In 2015 I joined the Fashion journalism and PR course

I can work with Photoshop, cloud services. I know MC Office, Power Point, SmartCAT. Now, I study inDesign.


- Newspaper and magazine articles, essays, etc.

- Hospitality, tourism, travel (hotel brochures, tour descriptions, etc.)

- Fashion, jewelry, watches (brochures, catalogues, articles, interviews, etc.)

- Medical (general medicine)

- Web sites (web site pages, descriptions, landing pages)

- Games (translation of games' titles and descriptions)

- Design and Interiors (articles, interviews, brochures)

- High technology (Apple, BlackBerry, iOS, Android themes of translations, reviews, articles)

I do my job very attentively trying to reach the maximum effect.

Владею программами: SmartCAT


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