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Max Weston
900| на c Апрель 10, 2016

Max Weston

Письменный, Редактор


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  • Английский → Русский
  • Русский → Английский
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  • Нефть и газ
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Греция, Другой город

Возраст: 25

Стаж: 3 лет




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<p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family: 'Leelawadee UI',sans-serif;">I am a native English speaker with a very good command of the Russian language. Since graduating from Oxford with a degree in Russian language and literature in 2013 I have worked as a freelance translator as a supplement to my main job as a corporate intelligence analyst. In this latter role I analyse and translate information in Russian which feeds into reports written in English. I have experience translating and editing business letters, court documents, travel guides, short stories, technical instruction manuals and more.&nbsp;</span></p>



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