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Freelance Translator, Microsoft – EN-UK

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Janus Worldwide, one of Europe's leading localization firms, is seeking a freelance translator in EN-UK language pair. Knowledge of Google Translation Tool is highly required.

Candidates, if you fit the requirements below, please apply with your CV and rates to the vendor manager's email –

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Михаил Рахлин
Михаил Рахлин  312  | на сайте 4 года, 9 месяцев
MICHAEL RAKHLIN 11 Alyat Hanoar * 18710 Afula, Israel Summary of Qualifications A translator with a big expierence in translating texts and other materials from English to Russian. Ability to edit and review other translations. Good computer/word-processing skills/ Worked as the translater of technical texts and other materials in the Institute of Agricultural Machinery (Kharkov, Ukraine) Worked as freelance translator for the newspaper in Russian “Novosti nedeli” (“Weekly News”) in. Made translations on private requests. Have an experience in translating books from English to Russian Professional Translator: English, Russian Translating, proofreading Experience in translation and proof-reading – 16 years Mother tongue: Russian Source language: English Target language: Russian I can also translate articles from Hebrew to Russian Specializations: Machinery, computers, electronics, agriculture, agricultural machinery, medicine, biology, chemistry, history,politics, culture, geography. Education and Professional Training Certified bibliographer The Institute of Culture, Department of Bibiliography, Kharkov, Ukraine (1979) English language course, Kharkov, Ukraine (1977) (Entered to the third grade level) Rate – 5$ for page (1800 symbols) or 0,07$ for word E-mail: Skype: Michael Rakhlin Phone: +972-50-3060248
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