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требуется переводчик с русского на английский

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Бюро переводов ДСН требуется перевести 20 страниц технического текста с русского на английский. Предполагается постоянное сотрудничество. Пришлите Ваше резюме. Почта  bdcn@bk. ru  Ставка 100 рублей страница. 

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Лена   1632  | на сайте 3 года, 9 месяцев
Dear Mr. /Mrs Hi dear, I’m writing to apply for a job and I am ready to take all the languages. It's already 15 years that I work as a freelance translator, interpreter for different companies and provide them with quality translation, proofreading and editing services. During this long period of time I have developed the skills of time and crisis management in the result of which I always provide my clients with quality and flawless projects most importantly in time. The languages I master perfectly are Armenian (native language), Spanish, English, German and French, Italian Chinese. The areas of expertise are medicine and health care, IT and communication, law, business. I have a firm grasp of languages with an understanding of proper sentence structure grammar rules and vocabulary. I'm ready to strart project right now. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing you in the near future. E-mail: Best regards Lena
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Артём Андрущак
Артём Андрущак  2221  | на сайте 2 года, 11 месяцев
Интересно, кто ж будет работать за такую смешную цену?
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