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Big Translation Project - Arabic To Russian - E learning

Письменный 15000 $ проект

We are looking to translate multiple books over a course of 2 months. There would be multiple million words.

If you are interested, please contact us.

We have been building a team of linguists since the volume is huge. So any references are also welcomed.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • АрабскийРусский
  • Искусство: литература

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Борис Ойфе
Борис Ойфе  962  | на сайте 2 года, 1 месяц
Hello, I am very interested in your proposition for work and want to participate in your project. I am ready to work and learn a lot. My Arabic knowledge level is upper-intermediate, and I have a two-year translation experience (I work with SmartCat tools). I want to improve my skills and give you a great result. As a learning student. I am ready to work on your conditions and with the prices you suggest. Please contact me if there is still an opportunity to participate in this interesting project. Best regards, Boris Oyffe.
11 месяцев, 2 недели назадСтатус: Не определен
Надарян Лена
Надарян Лена  768  | на сайте 5 лет, 6 месяцев
Dear colleague! Hello dear, I’m writing to apply for a job and I am ready to take all the languages. It's already 15 years that I work as a freelance translator, interpreter, operator for different companies and provide them with quality translation, proofreading, subtitling, and editing services. During this long period of time I have developed the skills of time and crisis management in the result of which I always provide my clients with quality and flawless projects most importantly in time. The languages I master perfectly are Armenian (native language), Spanish, English, German, French, Ukrainian, Italian, Latvian,Swedish, and Finnish, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Hindi, Czech, Danish, Greek, Nepali, Norwegian, Swedish Japanese and Korean. The areas of expertise are medicine and health care, IT and communication, law, business. Dear I am able to use the following tools: CAT, Trados, Memsource. I am ready to start the project right now. I have a firm grasp of languages with an understanding of proper sentence structure grammar rules and vocabulary. I am an accurate translator with a keen eye of details. I have a confidence that I’m an outstanding candidate for your job. Would you enclose your files and you will get proper translation on time. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing and working with you in the near future. Skype:armineasatryan77 Viber :+37477519591 Best regards Lena
1 год, 4 месяца назадСтатус: Не определен
Гульнара Гельдыева
Гульнара Гельдыева  None474  | на сайте 3 года, 6 месяцев
Dears, I am interested in this project and ready to handle the entire volume. Please share the details of the above said project to my email
1 год, 4 месяца назадСтатус: Не определен
Mazen Naffa
Mazen Naffa  Русско-арабский переводчик2995  | на сайте 2 года
Добрый вечер! Очень заинтересовало ваше предложение. Могу выполнить качественно соблюдая сроки.Опытом как переводчик арабско- русский более 25 лет .переводил больше чем 15 книг по разным тематикам. Буду рад к сотрудничеству
1 год, 4 месяца назадСтатус: Не определен

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