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Write some articles

Письменный 10 $ 1800 знаков

We are looking for English-speaking writers who are proficient in different subjects to

complete the orders for our customers. We offer:

- Flexibility in your schedule;

- Pricing up to $10 per page;

- 300+ available orders on various subjects;


- Payment twice per month.

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Ангел Бичев
Ангел Бичев  1860  | на сайте 3 года, 10 месяцев
Hello. Are you looking only for native speakers?
2 года, 9 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен
Дмитрий Добренко
Дмитрий Добренко  None218  | на сайте 2 года, 9 месяцев
Hi! My name is Dmitry. I do brilliant translations and articles in English and Russian. I have 6 years of experience in translations and a Bachelor degree in Philology (English, German). People ask me when they need a powerful text that can reach their target audience. I do translations and write texts for various needs: business (websites, mobile apps, catalogues, descriptions of IT products and services, presentations, portfolios, business plans, proposals), technical (articles, manuals, user guides, specifications, blueprints, wireframes, charts), as well as literary texts (books, articles, short stories, social networks posts and blog posts) I'll be glad to help you! Have a nice day! Dmitry
2 года, 9 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен
Kattie Green
Kattie Green  2675  | на сайте 3 года, 3 месяца
Hello! I am a professional translator and English copywriter with over 10 years of experience in translating different kinds of texts from Russian into English and vice versa. Please feel free to contact me. Here you can see feedback from people who use my work: Thanks in advance!
2 года, 9 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен
Инеса Синха
Инеса Синха  None228  | на сайте 3 года, 1 месяц
Hi! I am a freelance translator with English medium education. Would like to try. thank you!
2 года, 9 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен
Daria Samsonova
Daria Samsonova  None224  | на сайте 2 года, 9 месяцев
Hello! I'm a russian student, who studies in the UK for the 3rd year now. My email is
2 года, 9 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен
Айганым Кикимова
Айганым Кикимова  1472  | на сайте 2 года, 9 месяцев
Hello! My name is Aiganym. I studied to be a professional teacher of English. My English level is Advanced (IELTS 8.0). You can contact me at
2 года, 9 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен
Кристина Пьяных
Кристина Пьяных  1223  | на сайте 3 года, 8 месяцев
Hello! I'm a qualified linguist, specializing in the English language. My level of English proficiency is proved by my IELTS language certificate with a band score of 8.5, which equals C2 within CEFR. I am looking forward to your positive reply.
2 года, 9 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен
Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson  None232  | на сайте 2 года, 6 месяцев
Greetings.Really interested in the mentioned project. Kindly requesting you to share the details. Looking forward to your response.
2 года, 6 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен
Юлия К
Юлия К  1250  | на сайте 2 года, 2 месяца
Hello! I'm a qualified phililogist and I'm very interested in your project. Please, contact me if this job vacancy is still relevant.
2 года, 2 месяца назадСтатус: Не определен
Анжелика Тыщук
Анжелика Тыщук  None148  | на сайте 2 года, 2 месяца
Good afternoon. I'm qualified translator of English language. I'm ready to start.I find your project interested and I'd like to work with you. Looking forward to your response
1 год, 11 месяцев назадСтатус: Не определен

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