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Нужно сделать рерайт на английском языке

Письменный 300 руб. 1800 знаков

Нужно сделать рерайт на английском языке


Задание можете посмотреть ниже на английском языке. Напишите сразу цены за 1 000 знаков такой работы. И желательно 1 000 знаков пробного текста, чтобы оценить качество работы.


Fraud reviews (5000 symbols)

All reviews are online and 99% of them can be found easily by typing the name in google, we just need it to be unique and have a few of our keywords

Opening (rewrite from other reviews)

Explanation about what are trading systems and how it would effect the clients earnings in potential, what are the common problems with them.

Body (rewrite from other reviews) (add simple screenshots of the web page to explain what you mean)

Specific system problems and scam explanation

Proof (rewrite from other reviews) (add simple screenshots of the web page to explain what you mean)

Screenshot of non logical items on the video or page,

bulletin style one liners that explain why it is a scam

conclusions (rewrite from other reviews)

according to 1,2,3 we don’t recommend using this system and would suggest to avoid it for other trusted and tested systems

call to action (rewrite from other reviews)

check out similar but tested systems as recommendation


EXAMPLES of reviews:




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