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Александр Водолажский
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Александр Водолажский

«ABBYY Language Service»

Письменный, Редактор


90 руб.

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Россия, Орёл

Возраст: 29

Стаж: 7 лет


Обо мне

My name is Alexander Vodolazshsky. I was born in Russia. I studied in one for the prestigious school in Oryel. Then, I studied in Oryel English Department University. In 2007, I was Graduate Bachelor’s degree as a linguistic. Then I studied in Liverpool two years. After that, I have a very interesting job. 2011 I was graduated Doctors Degree in linguistic.From 2009 till now, I am a Freelance Translator ABBYY Language Service. From 2006 I’m a Freelance Translator. Frankly speaking, languages - is my passion. From 2006 I always try to improve my skills in English, Russian. Today, I learn French and Hindi. Also, I spend half an year or an year in different business trip. It is very useful. My experience of translaiting is 7 years. All my clients were pleased. Also, I try to do my work as fast as I can and with high quality as I could. I guarantee qualifided translation, essays, and professionalism for my clients I hope that my resume was useful for you.



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