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1402| на c 29 января 2015 г.
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Письменный, Верстальщик, Редактор, Синхронный устный, Последовательный устный



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Россия, Ростов-на-Дону

Возраст: 25

Стаж: 3 лет


Обо мне

I'm a proactive specialist in the sphere of professional translation. I studied for a Bachelor degree in international business at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands) and obtained this diploma in 2010. .Besides, I have a specialist degree in foreign economic activity from Russian university - Institute of Management, Business and Law (Rostov-on-Don). I also obtained a certificate of an interpreter in the sphere of professional communication which was issued by the same Russian university in 2011. There was a necessity in taking IELTS exam in order to take part in exchange student trips that were provided in the frame of double degree program of Dutch and Russian universities. The newest IELTS certificate that I obtained was issued in 2013 with the score 6.5.


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