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Персиана Пастухова
934| на c 31 января 2015 г.
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Персиана Пастухова

«Dragomani Ltd.»



6 Евро

    Россия, Москва

    Стаж: 7 лет


    Обо мне

    I am a holder of BA degree of applied linguistics (English and Russian) and MA degree of conference interpreting (English and Russian); native in Bulgarian. I have been working as a translator ever since my second year at the university, whereas I founded my own translation office shortly after graduation in 2009. I am most experienced in business, law, manuals, contracts and also websites on various topics. Never missing a deadline, ready to meet your criteria of quality. To me, translations are not just a means of living, but a passion! And especially in Dragomani, we give wings to your message!


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