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    Казахстан, Астана

    Возраст: 30


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    Translator in Astana. Hello, my name is Tania. I am located in Astana, Kazakhstan. I am specializing in professional translation of financial, legal, technical, oil and gas, building, medical and scientific documentation from Russian into English and from English into Russian. My experience is 10 years. Translation of tender documents. Translation of reports, scientific works and fiction. My services include interpretation: Synchronous and consecutive translation (business negotiations, telephone conversations, seminars, conferences, forums, meetings, round-table discussion, briefings, press-conferences; presentations, exhibitions, official buffets, festive events, assembling and commissioning of the equipment with foreign expert, interpreting in a court, with representatives of official bodies, excursions for foreign visitors, meetings at airport and accompaniment of foreign visitors, interpreting services for foreign delegations, film festivals interpretation at the level of Ministries). Huge portfolio. Letters of recommendation are provided upon request. Also I can provide the invoice and act of rendered services. From 5Dollars US per 1 page. 15 Dollars US per 1 hour of interpretation. Flexible discounts for huge volumes! My contact phone: 8 701 594 55 00, translator astana, translator kazakhstan, interpreter in astana, interpretation in astana, Russian English translator in astana, russian interpreter in astana, english translator in astana, English Russian translator, translator in astana, translation in astana, translations, translator astana, interpreter astana


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