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200 руб.

  • Английский → Русский
  • Немецкий → Русский
  • Русский → Немецкий
  • Нефть и газ
  • Образование, педагогика
  • Бизнес и финансы
  • Юриспруденция: патенты, авторское право
  • Лингвистика
  • Юриспруденция: контракты
  • Юриспруденция: налоги, таможня
  • Юриспруденция

Россия, Москва

Возраст: 39


Обо мне

let my shortly introduce myself. My name is Nastasya. I'm a Russian by birth. I have studied linguistics and have been working as translator and interpreter for 15 years. I have gathered my experience while working with German and Austrian companies. I also have a diploma in law which helps me provide high quality texts in the area of petrochemistry, business development, building legislation and more. 
I'm a serious and reliable person. Currently I am on a maternity leave and I am trying to earn some additional money for my family :-)
Having the biggest experience with legal correspondence, I will be happy to help you with any kind of translation. I will do my work as quickly as possible, you can ask me for estimation before placing an order.
Auch wenn juristische Korrespondenz mein professioneller Schwerpunkt ist, würde ich mich freuen, Ihnen auch bei anderen Themen behilflich zu sein. Ich werde die Arbeit so schnell wie möglich erledigen, Sie können mich natürlich nach einer Schätzung fragen, bevor Sie einen Auftrag platzieren.
Владею программами: Word ,Power point


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