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Alina Kolpakova
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Alina Kolpakova

«Project Group Head at SOKOLOV jewelry»



280 руб.

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Россия, Кострома

Возраст: 25

Стаж: 5 лет



Обо мне

I have a lot of practical language skills in such areas as marketing research, economics, social sciences and luxury (mainly jewelry and watches).
2011 - 2012 - International activity manager and marketer at AliensIdea, a start-up company producing toys for children. This job included lots of verbal and formal (mainly, Agreements) communication with Chinese contractors.
2012-2013 - Assistant to Kostroma City Manager. The job covered also translation and interpretation from Russian to English.
2013- present - Project Group Head at SOKOLOV jewelry, a leading Russian real jewelry producer as well as a jewelry exporter. I'm in charge of all consumer analytics and marketing research projects in Russia and key markets such as the UK, Germany, Switzerland (in these three countries the company has got its branch offices), the USA and China.
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