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Тара Вектор
592| на c Янв. 7, 2017
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Тара Вектор



    Греция, Другой город

    Возраст: 25


    Обо мне

    Hello, everybody!
    My name is Tara Vector .
    I am a full-time Freelance Translator and Interpreter . I translate from/into English, French and Russian and I have a 4-year translation experience in the following fields:
    - certificates, consents, references .
    - psychological characterizations.
    - economical references.
    - educational certificates.
    - medical forms.
    - design & interior articles.
    - texts about folk culture.
    I like making subtitles for musical video-interviews and translate articles about musical bands. I am ready to interprete business meetings and dialogues. A have good pronunciation.
    I can send you some of my works as examples If You wish.
    I ALWAYS meet the deadlines.
    Responsibility, reliability, flexibility and accuracy are my main characteristics.
    I have NEVER delivered an assignment after the deadline demanded.
    Hope to be useful for You too!
    Thank you for reading this.


    Никто ещё не поручился за этого человека.

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